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Cordyceps FAQ

How do you identify premium quality cordyceps?

Premium quality cordyceps always come with caterpillar and attached stroma. The ratio of caterpillar body to stroma is approximately 1:1.5. The caterpillar body is golden brown in colour. Premium quality cordyceps have broader caterpillar bodies. There are 20 to 30 segments. The segments are closer together towards the head. There are 8 pairs of legs on the caterpillar body. When broken, the cross section is yellowish white in colour. There should be a v-shaped gut present. Cordyceps smell of “fishy mushrooms”.

How should cordyceps be stored?

This is extremely important knowledge for cordyceps buyers. It’s a very expensive item and it would be a pity if it turns mouldy especially under hot and humid conditions. Do not store your cordyceps in the refrigerator. Keep your cordyceps in small ziplock bags. Find a plastic container with good sealing properties. Place some silica gel into that container. Put your bag of cordyceps into the container and secure it well. Handle your cordyceps with dry tweezers. Zip it shut and place the remainder back into the container as quickly as possible.

Is there any toxic dose for cordyceps?

As long as the product is not contaminated or adulterated, long term use of this nutritional supplement is safe. In fact, you need to consume it continuously for a month to see improvement in health. If you’re taking daily, the recommended dose (premium quality) is 1-2g. For lower grades, you’ll need higher doses to see results.

Who should consume cordyceps?

Cordyceps are a tonic and hence not something essential for healthy individuals. TCM holds that cordyceps promote “lung yin” and boost “kidney yang”. Going strictly by ancient texts, cordyceps are good for people who suffer from chronic dry cough, night sweats, impotence, incontinence and back pain.

Are there any contraindications?

There are generally no contraindications if cordyceps are used as a food supplement. When used in some TCM prescriptions, the concoction may cause a feeling of heat or even bleeding. It is best to consult a TCM practitioner if you are using cordyceps in combination with other herbs to achieve a specific therapeutic effect.

In what ways can cordyceps be safely used by the layman?

Cordyceps can be taken alone, boiled in water and used as a tea, steeped in wine or added as a food ingredient. All these methods of cordyceps consumption are safe. When used as medicine, you must consult a qualified TCM practitioner.

Can pregnant women consume cordyceps?

Cordyceps are especially helpful in tonifying the body after giving birth. However, there is no harm taking it during pregnancy either.

Can children consume cordyceps?

Unlike ginseng and other potent tonics, cordyceps are suitable for children, especially those who are weak or show slow development. Healthy children should not consume cordyceps.

Are cultivated cordyceps any good?

Artificially cultivated cordyceps are made by culturing live stroma from freshly harvested cordyceps. Chemical analysis has shown that they are not very different from natural cordyceps. Research on “vegetarian” cordyceps has also shown that they do have some positive effect on the body’s immune system.


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